In May 2012 Yulianna stopped breathing independently. The Russian surgeons could not help, the girl was on the verge of dying. In Tubingen (Germany), Klinik fur Neurochirurgie appeared to be able to save the girl. 

On August 15th, Julianna went through a most complicated operation on the spine. It was performed by two leading pediatric neurosurgeons of the University clinic in Tubingen. Julianna's neck was fixed by quite a complicated device, Halo-cast which means metal bolts are installed directly into the skull (see the pic on the right).

The documents about the surgery, in German:

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She needs to wear the device for at least 3 months.All these months Julianna must spend under steadfast attention of the doctors, the machine must be regulated every 2 weeks.

13 days after the operation, Julianna and her mother were transferred to the rehabilitation center in Vogtareuth (Bavaria) for further rehabilitation and medical surveillance, where they need to stay at least till the halo set is taken off.The doctors of the rehabilitation center "teach" Julianna to breathe again, in the daytime she breathes by herself with the support of oxygen, and at night she is on artificial lung ventilation machines.

Now, a full restoration of independent breathing is a long and painstaking work for both Yulia and doctors.Once again, Julianna's mother cries for help, as it is necessary to pay for another 3 months of Julianna's stay in the rehabilitation centre and for the accommodation of her mother Larisa.

Bills from the rehabilitation center

for the 1st month, more than 33,000 euros

for the 2nd and 3rd months, more than 61,000 euros needed.


Dear friends, we need your help so that all the effort should not have been wasted, all Julianna's pain and suffering should not be in vain.Julianna cannot be transported to Russia now because of her post-operative condition and the lack of rehabilitation centres for children on the artificial lung ventilation in Russia, where she lives.Also she needs to come back to Tubingen in three months to have the halo device taken off.

Check the video to see for yourself what Julianna's life is at the moment.

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